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September 21, 2023

Moving towards uncertainty! করোনা: ভয়াবহতার শেষ কোথায়?

করোনা: ভয়াবহতার শেষ কোথায়?
Moving towards uncertainty!
Dr Rafiqul Hasan Khan, Former Orthopaedic
Surgeon of Imperial College,London and
Barrister Nazir Ahmed, Deputy Speaker if Newham Council.
Host: Shamsul Alam Liton
No one knows how this ends. The uncertainty may be as unsettling as the virus itself.
People want to know when they can touch again and whisper closely. When they can walk not on quiet trails but through the hum of a crowd – bumping shoulders, inhaling perfume, eavesdropping. They wonder when they’ll be able to send their children to school. They want to know when solitude will become a choice again.


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