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July 22, 2024

No Human is Illegal l মানুষ কখনো অবৈধ নয়!

No Human is Illegal l মানুষ কখনো অবৈধ নয়!
Amnesty for undocumented migrants, Abu Sayem & Nashit Rahman

prime minister first raised the idea as mayor of London in 2008 and later reiterated it as foreign secretary, arguing that granting amnesty to undocumented migrants would be the “economically rational” thing to do.
Upon taking office last year, Johnson confirmed his support once again, criticizing the current policy of deporting any person that “doesn’t have the correct papers, and who may have been living and working here for many years without being involved in any criminal activity at all.”
The prime minister argued that amnesty for undocumented migrants could prevent a repeat of the 2018 Windrush scandal, when dozens of people were wrongly deported by the Home Office.
But activists and campaigners have accused the prime minster of “posturing” after the government appeared to backtrack on the proposal this month


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